“I feel that this is the medicine of the future. It is non-invasive, yet provides powerful healing. It's quite magical.”

"An easy, effective and non-invasive way to get rid of any kind of physical or emotional problem."

“Over the course of the treatment I have experienced significant improvements in my physical and spiritual health and many questions which have lain beneath the surface have been answered.”

“I experienced a physical shift in energy flow during Inge’s healing sessions which was pretty amazing!”

“She is somehow able to shift the body/mind/spirit and bring them into deep alignment so that change can take place on any or all of those levels.

"Feel so powerful to be able to make important decisions about my life, and the way you have guided me has been good for me."

“I can highly recommend Inge's energy treatment to anyone who is looking for answers on a holistic basis."


"The second session of Touch of Matrix solved the problem totally, and within that session we could even focus on other issues I wanted to work on."

“Since starting to see Inge I have experienced physical improvements that I could not find through supplements or diet. I am experiencing much less pain and greater mobility.”

“My body healed much faster than would have been expected.”

“When you arrive at Inge’s beautiful tranquil home you instantly feel relaxed.”

“I’m healing now and I'm starting to feel very good, much better.”

"I was immediately liberated from the pain I was experiencing in my shoulders."

“Over the course of the treatment I have experienced significant improvements in both my physical and spiritual health, and many questions which have lain beneath the surface have been answered.”

“The treatment was very enjoyable and has proven to be successful and highly beneficial to me, as I was able to fully relax very quickly under Inge's hands, and my body was able to respond immediately.”

“The combination of her spiritual wisdom and psychic input was invaluable in helping me to make the best choices for myself and to move ahead on my personal spiritual path.”

"Every time I left Inge's place with a great sense of relief and liberation."

“I feel very lucky to have found Inge. She is an intelligent, sensitive and perceptive person. I recommend her to anyone needing help and support to free themselves from physical or emotional problems.”

“I felt instantly at ease with Inge, and very quickly experienced a lift in my mood and a sense of calmness and well-being."

“I highly recommend Inge’s work for anyone wanting to move forward in life on any level, whether it is physical, emotional or spiritual.”

"She really is an elite practitioner who really gets to the root of a problem and eliminates it"

“I’m experiencing very deep, subtle changes that are having more impact, more rapidly than any other healing method I’ve experienced to date.”

Inge Beaujean offers support for sufferers of depression. Depression is a condition that affects all of us from time to time, in the same way that sometimes each of us suffers from a cold. If we suffer low mood for a short period of time this is not much of a cause for concern, but should the low mood persist we would serve ourselves well by reaching out for help and support.

It is important that the condition is addressed before it becomes a serious or chronic condition. The causes may be deep rooted and long-standing, so a therapist with great skill is essential for the treatment of depression.

Inge provides counselling for depression in her home on the Costa del Sol. Clients from Marbella, Estepona, Sotogrande and Gibraltar attend her clinic in order to receive therapy for depression. Inge has a high success rate with her clients which means that they do not need to return every week over a long period. She is typically able to help her clients return to a state of equilibrium, happiness and contentment in a short period of time. The techniques that she applies include counselling, therapy, energy healing, and spiritual guidance. She sometimes gives her clients homework – specific exercises that will enable faster progress after the session.

She also offers a revolutionary new technique called Touch of Matrix, which is a very effective treatment for depression. Using this technique, the client can be quite passive and allow the therapist to do much of the work. It is a technique that operates at a deeper level than regular counselling and therapy.

This type of therapy for depression – whether counselling, psychotherapy of Touch of Matrix, are effective alternatives to drug treatments, which may cause long term damage to the body, and bring unwanted side effects. Talking therapies are non-invasive and will being unexpected benefits to the client’s life.

Inge has done wonders for clients in the Costa del Sol area thanks to her wide ranging skill and training, and hopes to help many more sufferers of depression to be able to enjoy their lives once more.

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