Inge Beaujean

Inge Beaujean

Inge Beaujean
Inge Beaujean

Spiritual Therapist & Energy Healer

Counselling for expats

What are the stressors of being an expat? Many expats face additional stressors such as having to adapt to a new culture, missing family and friends back home, or feeling isolated or misunderstood. I understand...
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Touch of matrix

Rapid Healing with Touch of Matrix Do you suffer from anxiety, physical pain, trauma, stress, or a lack of confidence? Touch of Matrix treats the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels in just one session. Any complaint,...
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The International School of Spiritual Psychology (ISSP) The ISSP offers certified education, international retreats, meditation classes, and individual mentorship. She is  a graduate of this seven-year course. Since 2012, the training has been known as...
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